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My #mancrushmonday goes to my very best friend.. I couldn’t get through a single day without you. I wouldn’t give up a single one of our memories, laughs or talks. Thank you for always being down to go on a Dutch run or a random drive. Thank you for listening to me vent, rant, ramble, cry, laugh or freak out. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met! You’re sincerity and generosity is astounding. You’ve got one of the purest hearts I’ve ever encountered. You’re destined for great things my friend and I just feel so humbled to be able to say I even know you. Through it all, I’ve never met anyone as strong as you. I am here for you Jaykob, no matter what! If you need me I am literally a phone call away. I love you 😘💁❤️💩 keep your head up, everything is gonna be fine!

Know this and remember it, when the nights get long or the days get short, or the space between the minutes is stretched out and pulled tight between us: Wherever we go, whatever we do, we will leave a trail behind us for the world to see. We will burn white into the blue of the sky, and not a soul will be able to resist marveling at the mark we have made.. 💕 -TKG

My #WCW is you sissy! @lexiarmenta2014 I love you to Pluto and back millions of times. I already miss you so much! Can you believe it’s only been 3 days!? You should come home already. Love you 💁

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